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Here are the featured equipments we have tested and continue to use at DroneMission.com.  From aerial video cameras, model aircrafts, to tools & essentials.   These have been found to do the job.  The prices can vary significantly, so meeting our budget is a priority.  To view latest videos, subscribe to the right July, 2017


Featured Cameras
You may have seen our featured episodes, they were filmed with the following cameras


Best kept secret. Tried this Hawk Eye Firefly 6S 4k camera and i must say it deserves some praise. Like all cameras it's got some merits and flaws, but for $96 this 4k FPV Sports camera kickass - sharper than a GoPro 4! JR connector included.  FireFly 6s (previous Firefly 5S)

Weighing amazingly 65g, GIT2 with a 1.5 inches LCD viewing screen.  The LCD allows you to see what you are filming; at times you only get one chance on a shot, and not seeing what you are filming, you may just miss that unique shot. You will need to purchase a compatible JR connector for FPV (GoPro usb).  See below (previous version Git1)


The Mobius Mini, Mobius and Keychain #16 ActionCam light weight, simplicity, no frails, but a great camera that captures stunning HD video.   Keychain #16 weighs only 28g, perfect for planes.  JR connectors may not be included, you will need one for FPV.


Amkov amk5000s 170 degrees wide angle, sports camera. Very sharp, see the aerial video from a hexacopter.  At this price point, I don't feel the pain on each rough landing. You will need to purchase a compatible JR connector for FPV (SJ Cam usb).

The Dazzne P3 Ambarella A7LS Soc is a 1080P 60fps action camera with a 16 Mega Pixels Panasonic CMOS sensor and a rather wide 170 degree angle lens.  Uses a GoPro JR connector for FPV.

Everyone knows, the most advanced GoPro ever Video: 4K30, 2.7K60, 1440p80, 1080p120, 960p120, 720p240 (super slow motion capture).  You will need to purchase a compatible JR connector for FPV.  See below.  Love this video take using a GoPro.

RunCam HD is a FPV camera born out of RC Fanatics, the classic slim design for better aerodynamics, re-engineered with inputs from various RC pilots. This camera has great potential, in fact, if you have not seen it in action, this is well deserving a try. It is the Sharper Image Store version of the Mobius, with a price tag of about $55. The manufacturer is attentive to every little detail, from RF shielding to the final touches in packaging. We love this camera. JR connector included.


FPV Gears (featured in Episode 86, 89, 91, 92) : click of picture for details

Left to Right: (1) Tarot OSD,good cheap standalone OSD with GPS. (2) Video TX ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz (3) Fat Shark antenna (4) Eachine 5802 monitor DVR (5) Helical Antenna RHCP for that extra distance (6) FPV Pilot T-Shirt

Amateur Racing DM Choice

Left to Right: (1) FrSky Taranis Q X7 budget talking radio (2) Fuuton 200 size Betaflight 3.1.7 Powerhouse Racing Quad (3) Eachine Goggle DVR Dual Core/Diversity for great recording (4) Mobius Mini 1080p 60 fps, as the secondary camera (5) IMAX B6 Mini Battery Charger, we use this charger all the time (6) Travel multi charging board 5-in-1 for LiPo plugs.

FPV Gadgets (featured in Episode 143, 81, 102, 114, 31, 13, 10, 2)

Left to Right: (1) minimOSD for APM on screen display (2) Mini Patch Antenna 5.8G 8DBi FPV  - popular gives you the additional distance. (3) Fatshark Dominator goggle with built-in DVR (4) Long range 600 mW easy button 32 channels video transmitter (5) FPV Watch by GTeng, perfect for forming a shot or searching for a lost craft.(6) GPS or Camera holder

RC Essentials

Left to Right: (1)  Hexagon screw set that also fits typical drill set, for use on quadcopters (supports Tali H500, Scout X4) (2) love this handy 32 piece tool set (3) mix A & B glue for foam planes, dries in 5 minutes. (4) XT60 Male To T-Plug Female Deans Converter smallest adapter, for the day you might need it (5) Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer, most popular precision propeller balancer. (6) Eachine D800 80w Battery Charger, best budget 80 watt charger, powerful enough to charge up to 6s LiPo. (7) Cellmeter8 is quiet LiPo tester that we have grown to love.  Designed as a servo tester, port to discharge and used to check the battery voltage, measure the voltage of both individual cells and full battery voltage in a easy manner.

DIY Drones

Left to Right: (1) PX4 Autopilot PIX 2.4.6 32Bits APM Flight Controller (2) APM Flight Controller set (3) Micro MinimOSD for XK or APM on screen display. New upgraded board  (4) Xenon Night Strobe Flash Light, like a tiny camera flash, see it far, it strobes every second, connect to receiver or 1s-6s. (5) SMA to RP-SMA is used to use a Walkera/Fatshark/DJI antenna on a Boscam video transmitter and at right angle. (6) 2S-6S Lipo to USB Power Converter Adapter w/Digital Display 5V 2A, best device to have around during a power outage.  Makes your LiPo batteries into a power bank to charge your usb devices (phone, fan, led light).

 taranis devo 10 white  

(1) Frsky Taranis, very programmable opentx talking radio (2) Walkera Devo 10, labeled a universal radio that can fly various protocol with one radio with deviation (3) Devo F12E, professional 12 channel radio transmitter with 32 video channels (4) FrSky Horus X12S an advanced digital telemetry radio (3rd generation of talking radios) (5) FrSky Taranis Q X7 budget talking radio

Frsky family of gadgets for telemetry

Left to Right: (1) LiPo Voltage Sensor Smart port Enable without OLED Screen, reduce weight and cost (2) S6R two-in-one, receiver and 3-axis gyro stabilization with smart port. (3) Antenna Mount Holder for Frsky X8R X6R L9R Receiver (4) Frsky XM+ Micro D16 SBUS Full Range Receiver

Gears (featured in Episode 101, 105, 116, 126, 129)

Left to Right: (1) We have the NX3 Evo Gyro  [User Manual], we used on our jets.  It has the same features of AS3X and SAFE function.  If you like AS3x and SAFE switches, this is good price and it works.  (2) G-2d gimbal, for camera.  (3) Popular 2200 mAh 3s LiPo for your Walkera Devo radios (4) Yoke Cockpit Control Station, see episode 105 (5) Eachine Goggle DVR Dual Core/Diversity (6) Mobius Slimline FPV Action Sports Camera.



(Featured in Episode 92,107,185)


Left to Right: (1) Video tx & fpv cable set - super light, but gets really hot. GoPro, SJCam, Amkov, GitUp etc  (2) Hotglue Gun Quick Fix (3) mobius fpv cable

Search Airplanes Tested
Left to Right: (1) X-UAV1 Designer (2) The Ranger757-4 is the perfect FPV Drone Plane that fits into your car trunk.  It is designed for long range FPV with all the necessary spaciius compartments for equipment. (3) Sky Pilot TS-839 very similar to the Ranger, modular quick assembly, can very slow for searches (twenty minutes or more).

Budget GPS Multirotors Drones Tested (DM.com/Top 5)
Left to Right: (1) Xk X380, noted as the most accurate budget drone with GPS Return. (2) Hubsan X4 Pro H109S, stable flight, endurance 30 minutes and with a parachute for emergency. (3) XK X500, another excellent budget GPS Drone by XK.  If you plan to carry a larger camera, the x500 can handle the load better. (4) FreeX, budget and easy to fly GPS Drone

Beginner's Model Reviewed

Left to Right: (1) Syma X8HGquadcopter, holds the altitude for an easy flight. (2) Hubsan H107D X4, a very popular quad but the H20 is easier to fly. (3) H2O lightweight quadcopter for beginners (4) The Sky Warrior K70C comes with a retractable camera holder at an affordable price, as such this quadcopter is rank to be suitable for a learner. (5) Syma X51 Spaceship Quadcopter is a unique quadcopter design, looking like a USS Enterprise. Outdoors but flies perfectly indoors.

Beginner's Racing Speedy Models Tested

Left to Right: (1) Walkera Rodeo 150, mini FPV racer (2) Walkera F210-3D with bi-directional ESC to fly upside down. (3) XK-251 zippy mini racer

 For Hangar Samples, visit For our latest RC News, visit dronemission.com/news

Off the Radar, Under Rated or Best Kept Secret Episodes:


Left to Right: (1) mix A & B glue for foam planes, dries in 5 minutes. (2) Tarot OSD, best budget standalone OSD with GPS. (3) We have the NX3 Evo Gyro on our planes. (4) XK Detect x380 Best 2015 budget GPS Quadcopter $250 for it's RTH accuracy (5) Krylon Short Cuts foam-safe paint that we use for all foam models, spray it 10 inches away, a thin coat, and add a second coat next minute. (6) Good, affordable Remax Micro SD card (US$4.60), 16gb for all your FPV needs.  See the reviews.

USB Emergency Devices:

Left to Right: (1) 2S-6S Lipo to USB Power Converter Adapter w/Digital Display 5V 2A, best device to have around during a power outage.  Makes your LiPo batteries into a power bank to charge your usb devices (phone, fan, led light). (2) Recommended USB LED Lamp Natural White (3) Recommended USB Fan with rechargeable battery backup (4) Basic USB fan (5) 10 Ports USB 2.0 External HUB

Instructional Kit For Beginner DM Training (Episode 29, 110, 25, 26, 28, 30)

18 in 1 flight simulator

Left to Right:  (1) Flight simulator, no better way to learn to fly a plane (2) LiPo alarm and tester. Set it to 3.6v per cell to beep you when battery is low. (3) GoPro, Git2, Amkov etc. Lens Protector / Filter, prevent scratches on your camera during practice (4) Travel multi charging board 5-in-1 for popular LiPo plugs. (5) IMAX B6 Mini Battery Charger, we use this charger all the time, mini, without the loud beeps, quiet and more powerful than it's sibling. (6) Fire Retardant Lipo Battery Bag.


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