It has been researched by the European Emergency Number Association that while a five-person rescue team on foot needs an average of two hours to find a victim in one square kilometer, a drone can do the job in 20 minutes or less to assist in a successful rescue.  Working with manufacturers, here are some of our projects and development in aerial technology.

YORK Ground Station
Old tech meets new tech.  A 2009 cockpit Ground Control Station Yoke Simulator converted to transmit from a Walkera Devo F12E radio transmitter using CompuFly USB to PPM.  We are able to remotely setup a command center to fly all aircrafts comfortably. To secure an area for all volunteer teams and conduct searches where areas are hard to reach.

ZOOM and High Resolution Capabilities
SAR teams have made clear that they value aerial surveillance.  With an incredible 18X zoom optical lens at high 4K resolution, we are able to survey at a distance, changing focal length while maintaining focus.   In this demo, we show the zoom capabilities using a Florida Gators license plate.

Videography, Photography and UAV Innovation
Leveraging the latest off-the-shelf micro and mini cameras to record and broadcast aerial videos over the air.  We received lots of cameras and video transmitters to test and adapt to different aircrafts to conduct aerial photography.

Integrating On Screen Display on Aircrafts - OSD
On Screen Display (aka OSD) is video overlay system that extract data from all the sensors onboard the aircraft and overlays on your flight screen. It typically has the following features: VTx Voltage, Eng Voltage, Flight Time, Flight Speed, Flight Height (altitude), Home Direction, Home Distance, Total Voyage (duration), Lifting Speed (vertical), Longtitude Latitude (GPS), Satellite Number (Count), Azimuth (location of the plane in the sky from the perspective of the base station).  05/15/14 Design and integration [REVIEW NOTES]

Interactive Radio Systems for Rotating Crews - Frsky Taranis
Working as a team, as sophisticated as the technology may be, the equipment must be easy to use and transferable between rotating crew members.   We build talking radios to assist in flying different aircrafts and making it easy for pilots to resume flight control. 

10/18/2013 Talking Radios [REVIEW NOTES]

Community Involvement  F210 Formula Drone Racing

Think Tank and Testing
The Think Tank team participates with manufacturers in aircraft designs, testing and reviews.  Some of latest projects and development are archived in our [Publication] going forward







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