Walkera Voyager 3


GPS/GLONASS dual satellite navigation UAV systems

Synopsis: The iUAS Walkera's highly anticipated 2015 quadcopter went through a series of test in Florida and made it's début with some high-octane spin. Here is a video of the day, providing our SAR team a day of some serious flying.

Whereas the x350, x350 Pro and Scout X4 quadcopters, traditionally allows you to fit the latest camera and gimbal, the Voyager is a new platform with an integrated camera and 3-axis gimbal.

What differentiates this model from it's predecessor, is the introduction of the dual GPS System for failover. Leveraging both GPS/GLONASS satellite systems, by connecting a second GPS allows the UAV to overcome GPS glitches, switching between the two satellite modules based on the lock status and number of satellites.

• GPS and GLONASS dual-navigation system
• 4K camera for cinematic filming
• Detachable and unrestricted 360°gimbal for a view out of this world
• APM Copter, APM Modular components
• LiPo size: 29.6V 3000MAH * 2
• 20-25 minutes flight time

• Waypoint Mission Planning
• 2 Pilots at the same time: one flying and one camera man
• Follow Me Mode / Record Track Back To Home
• Real time Telemetry
• iPad holder with backup power
• 360 degrees unobstructed view from your fpv camera
• Quick and easy assembly for the nobs
• 3-Axis roll & pitch with yaw stabilizer

tips couponcoPilots:  One of the key features of a Devo F12E transmitter, the CoPilot Mode, 2 pilots on a Tali H500 hexacopter. Very often you may find it difficult to fly and film at the same time, the Devo F12E allows you to turn any programmable Devo or compatible transmitter into a second transmitter for a CoPilot to share responsibilities. In other words, one person can be flying and the other person can be the camera man. Typically on a Search and Rescue mission, a SAR team will also consist of the pilot, sensor operator and the spotter.

DIYdrone Hangar 1
... behind the scenes Thursday January 25, 2018
Where to:
PARTS center: ucdrone.com
Bind and Fly: Banggood

Parts Description ERP Part Numbers Estimate
Body set 226467600 Scout X4-Z-02 $36.00
Lampshade 226467700 Scout X4-Z-03 $1.66
Body fixing block 226467900 Scout X4-Z-04 $3.60
Motor heat shield 226468000 Scout X4-Z-05 $1.66
Motor cover 226468300 Scout X4-Z-06 $1.66
GPS fixing accessory 226468600 Scout X4-Z-07 $1.66
Antenna clamp 226468900 Scout X4-Z-08 $1.00
Skid landing fixing accessory 226469200 Scout X4-Z-09 $6.00
Screw set 226469300 Scout X4-Z-10 $4.50
Brushless motor(levogyrate thread)(WK-WS-34-002) 226469500 Scout X4-Z-11 $36.00
Brushless motor(dextrogyrate thread)(WK-WS-34-002) 226469700 Scout X4-Z-12 $36.00
Brushless speed controller(WST-16AH(R)) 226469800 Scout X4-Z-13 $26.66
Brushless speed controller(WST-16AH(G)) 226469900 Scout X4-Z-14 $26.66
Receiver(DEVO-RX709 FCC) 226470100 Scout X4-Z-16 $45.00
Main control board(FCS-X4) 226470200 Scout X4-Z-17 $229.99
Power board 226470300 Scout X4-Z-18 $30.00
USB board 226470400 Scout X4-Z-19 $3.00
SW board 226470500 Scout X4-Z-20 $4.50
Worm servo 226470800 Scout X4-Z-21 $24.00
Li-po battery(22.2V 5400mAh) 226471100 Scout X4-Z-22 $129.00
Signal cable 226471200 Scout X4-Z-23 $6.00
Aluminum carry case 226471400 Scout X4-Z-24 $69.00
Propellers 226458200 TALI H500-Z-01 $7.50
Skid landing mounting pipe 226459000 TALI H500-Z-07 $6.00
Skid landing  pipe 226460000 TALI H500-Z-08 $6.00
Skid landing damping sponge 226460100 TALI H500-Z-09 $1.66
GPS-05 module 226461100 TALI H500-Z-17 $59.99
Charger cable 226461900 TALI H500-Z-23 $3.60
iLook+ camera 216701900 iLook+ $199.00
Video cable for Gopro3 226443900 QR X350 PRO-Z-15 $2.99
G-3D Brushless Gimbal 226457500 G-3D $169.00
2.4G Bluetooth Datalink(BT-2401A/B FCC) 226467100 BT-2401A/B $329.00
Balance Charger 226444200 IMAX B6 $33.33
AC Adapter 按要求选 IMAX B6 $16.66

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