Walkera Tali H500 and SAR Parts List


The next generation of hexacopter with ground station and telemetry

Synopsis: The H500 with retractable gears, is an advanced unmanned aerial video multi-rotor. Packaged to be Ready-to-Fly out of the box, it comes standard with multiple flight modes, such as Stabilized mode, IOC (Simple mode), Position Hold (Loiter), One Key Return Home (RTL), One Key Start.

The H500 comes standard with 5400 milli-amps-hour 6S battery, providing you upto 20 minutes of flight time. This gives you sufficient time to survey a site, shoot a movie scene or conduct a virtual tour.

Known to a few people, one of the underlying strength of the Tali H500 is it uses a variation of the Linux's Dronecode Arducopter.  Walkera iUAS is among the elite group of founding members that leverages the open source software and collaborative development effort to advance Intelligent Unmanned Aircraft Systems (IUAS), as announced in Germany Oct, 12, 2014.

• 12 channels professional FPV Radio with OSD and Large 5" video screen
• 5.8G real time image monitor, 5”LCD screen
• Supports 3 versions of camera - GoPro 3 or iLook+ or Sony RX 100
• 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal - G-3D supports iLook and Go Pro Hero 3 sized cameras. G-3S supports Sony RX100
• Flight time up to 25 minutes (22.2V 5400mAh LiPo included)
• New GPS flight control system featuring more accurate position hold
• Hyper IOC - advanced intelligent orientation control
• Circle Mode - H500 can circle a GPS Waypoint to cruise around
• One Key Go Home
• One Key Start. The One Key Start function, is one switch to start the engine, it throttles up to a specified altitude, and loiters for the next stick command.
• Failsafe to return home in case of signal loss

Where to:
-> Bind and Fly: Direct BG
-> USA Design center: ucdrone.com

Featured on Episode 60, 72 (just a click on a link will support DM):
-> Devo F12E Radio Transmitter

tips couponcoPilots:  One of the key features of a Devo F12E transmitter, the CoPilot Mode, 2 pilots on a Tali H500 hexacopter. Very often you may find it difficult to fly and film at the same time, the Devo F12E allows you to turn any programmable Devo or compatible transmitter into a second transmitter for a CoPilot to share responsibilities. In other words, one person can be flying and the other person can be the camera man. Typically on a Search and Rescue mission, a SAR team will also consist of the pilot, sensor operator and the spotter.

tips couponTBD:  Even TBD


How to stop stop your G3D rattling:  Depending on your setting, instead of Aux 5, you may need to adjust Aux 6, following the same principles.

Tali H500 and Scout x4 uses a LiPo case, which you purchase for USD$35, and place your own battery.

DIYdrone Hangar 1
... behind the scenes Thursday November 10, 2016
Where to:
Bind and Fly: Banggood
Design center: ucdrone.com

Parts Description ERP Parts Number Estimated Price
Propellers 226458200 TALI H500-Z-01 $7.50
Body set  226458400 TALI H500-Z-02 $54.00
Lampshade 226458500 TALI H500-Z-03 $3.00
Body fixing block 226458600 TALI H500-Z-04 $7.50
Motor heat shield 226458700 TALI H500-Z-05 $1.66
Skid landing fixing accessory 226458900 TALI H500-Z-06 $6.00
Skid landing mounting pipe 226459000 TALI H500-Z-07 $6.00
Skid landing  pipe 226460000 TALI H500-Z-08 $6.00
Skid landing damping sponge 226460100 TALI H500-Z-09 $1.66
Screw set 226460200 TALI H500-Z-10 $5.33
Brushless motor(levogyrate thread)(WK-WS-34-001) 226460400 TALI H500-Z-11 $36.00
Brushless motor(dextrogyrate thread)(WK-WS-34-001) 226460600 TALI H500-Z-12 $36.00
Brushless speed controller(WST-15AH(R)) 226460700 TALI H500-Z-13 $26.66
Brushless speed controller(WST-15AH(G)) 226460800 TALI H500-Z-14 $26.66
Receiver(DEVO-RX705 FCC) 226460900 TALI H500-Z-15 $45.00
Main control board(FCS-H500) 226461000 TALI H500-Z-16 $229.99
GPS-05 module 226461100 TALI H500-Z-17 $59.99
Power board 226461200 TALI H500-Z-18 $30.00
USB board 226461300 TALI H500-Z-19 $3.00
SW board 226461400 TALI H500-Z-20 $3.00
Worm servo 226461600 TALI H500-Z-21 $24.00
Li-po battery(22.2V 5400mAh) 226461800 TALI H500-Z-22 $129.00
Charger cable 226461900 TALI H500-Z-23 $3.60
Signal cable 226462000 TALI H500-Z-24 $4.50
FP  convertor 226462100 TALI H500-Z-25 $3.60
G-2D Gimbal cable 226462900 TALI H500-Z-26 $1.83
Receiver(DEVO-RX708 CE) 226466200 TALI H500-Z-27 $45.00
Propeller guard 226472000 TALI H500-Z-28 $24.00
Transmitter(TX5803 FCC) 226409500 TX5803 $24.13
Transmitter(TX5804 CE) 226409600 TX5804 $24.13
Transmitter(TX5810 FCC) 226466300 TX5810 $48.00
Transmitter(TX5811 CE) 226466400 TX5811 $48.00
Video cable for Gopro3 226443900 QR X350 PRO-Z-15 $2.99
 5.8G Mushroom antenna(TX) 226444800 QR X350 PRO-Z-16 $9.99
 5.8G Mushroom antenna (iLook) 226447700 QR X350 PRO-Z-18 $9.99
iLook+ camera 216701900 iLook+ $199.00
G-3D Brushless Gimbal 226457500 G-3D $169.00
Balance Charger 226444200 IMAX B6 $33.33
AC Adapter 按要求选配 IMAX B6 $16.66


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