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Review of FPV GPS Quadcopter with Mission Planner

Synopsis: We recently looked for a low cost, quick to assemble quadcopter, to be modified with FPV gear, something to travel with, overseas on rescue projects. So we purchased the Walkera QR X350 which can be assembled in 2 minutes, with no tools on hand. Today, our SAR teams were informed of another exciting version of the 350 size, the QR X350 Pro that uses Mission Planner. We have included some photos of the final development and will update again.  To follow the discussion, visit forum

Quick assembly
Completely Ready to Fly
Up to 2 km / 1.24 miles
Up to 25 minutes flight time
Gimbal ready for camera anti-vibration 2-axis stabilization (new Walkera G-2D)
New FPV camera called the ILook included in the FPV1 Pro package
First Person View (FPV) flight
FatShark compatible (multi bands)
WIFI option for smart phones
GPS and "One Key" Return to Home
GPS Auto Pilot functions
Failsafe auto RTH and Land
Low voltage protection
Devention DEVO F7,10 computer radio
Easy to see LEDs
Balance charger with world compatible wall adapter for travel
+ Mission Planner and Waypoint Autopilot

First Impressions: I must say the X350 Pro flies very well, pre-tuned. It Loiters perfectly out of the box. sure enough, it did every standard thing with the Mission Planner. The only thing, out of the box, without any modification I am not able to add telemetry module or osd. However others have managed to solder them on.

Where to Buy:
RTF Devo 7: T-Mart

DIYdrone Lab
... behind the scenes Tuesday June 16, 2015
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Where to:
US$310 bg.com\bnf
x350 Pro Parts

Parts Description Parts number ERP Estimated Price
Propellers QR X350 PRO-Z-01 226442100 $4.99
Body set  QR X350 PRO-Z-02 226442200 $26.66
Skid landing  QR X350 PRO-Z-03 226442300 $7.99
Skid landing damping  ball QR X350 PRO-Z-04 226442400 $1.64
Screw set QR X350 PRO-Z-05 226442500 $3.99
Brushless motor(planar cover)(WK-WS-28-008C) QR X350 PRO-Z-06 226442600 $28.33
Brushless motor(convex cover)(WK-WS-28-008C) QR X350 PRO-Z-06B 226447600 $28.33
Receiver(DEVO-RX703A) QR X350 PRO-Z-07 226442700 $34.99
Main control board (DEVO-M) QR X350 PRO-Z-08 226442800 $229.99
GPS module QR X350 PRO-Z-09 226442901 $59.99
Compass module QR X350 PRO-Z-10 226443000 $14.99
Power board QR X350 PRO-Z-11 226443100 $17.99
LED board QR X350 PRO-Z-12 226443200 $2.99
MICRO-USB board QR X350 PRO-Z-13 226443300 $2.99
Li-po battery(11.1V 5200mAh) QR X350 PRO-Z-14 226443400 $66.00
Video cable for Gopro3 QR X350 PRO-Z-15 226443900 $2.99
 5.8G Mushroom antenna(TX5803) QR X350 PRO-Z-16 226444800 $9.99
 5.8G Mushroom antenna(RX) QR X350 PRO-Z-17 226445000 $9.99
 5.8G Mushroom antenna (iLooK) QR X350 PRO-Z-18 226447700 $9.99
Aluminum carry case QR X350 PRO-Z-19 226444000 $30.00
Water proof  case QR X350 PRO-Z-20 226447800 $133.33
Propeller guard QR X350 PRO-Z-21 226447900 $12.90
Fixing board QR X350 PRO-Z-22 226455600 $3.99
High skid landing  QR X350 PRO-Z-23 226462200 $12.99
High skid landing damping mat QR X350 PRO-Z-24 226462300 $1.67
GPS signal cable QR X350 PRO-Z-25 226462400 $1.00
Fixing block QR X350-Z-05 226434200 $2.83
Decorative cap(metal) QR X350-Z-06 226434300 $1.64
Brushless speed controller(WST-15A(R)) QR X350-Z-09 226434700 $26.66
Brushless speed controller(WST-15A(G)) QR X350-Z-10 226434800 $26.66
Transmitter(TX5803 FCC) QR X350-Z-20 226436300 $24.13
Charger(Ga-005) HM-05#4-Z-23   $23.00
G-2D Brushless Gimble  G-2D 226441600 $119.00
iLook camera(720P) iLook 226443500 $119.00
iLook+ camera(1080P) iLook+   $199.00
Balance Charger IMAX B6 226444200 $33.33
US Standard AC Adapter IMAX B6   $16.66


Reserved for Video #2
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tips couponNotes: The x350 PRO uses a DATA BUS, which makes it easy to assign switches.  System Output Gear Switch is assigned to your standard 3 Position flight modes.  Default Aux 2 is assigned to Channel 7 option (example simple mode), and Aux 3 (Input gear) assign to Channel 8 option.

Episode 58:  Flight Log [VIEW]

Episode 2:  Coming Soon  Unboxing, installation & maiden flight [VIEW]

Missions Recaps:  During a search mission, we like to send the planes out first, as they have better endurance and flight time.  Once a point of interest (POI) is noted, GPS co-ordinates and the pilot trace will be communicated to the ground search crew as well as the multi-rotors team.  Multi-rotors are sent out for a closer look at the POI.

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