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The 2015 QR X350, looking like a NASA Spaceship, isn't only built to excite, but has a sensible blend of features, safety and value, to make it a compelling choice for all quadcopter pilots.  We have provided a quick translation of the specification of the new 350 size quadcopter, the first of the iUAS 2015 series and an inside look into some of new enhancements planned for.

What differentiates this model to it's predecessor is the introduction of the dual GPS System for failover.  Leveraging both GPS/GLONASS satellite systems, by connecting a second GPS, this allows us to overcome GPS glitches.   It has been documented that even with two identical GPS modules, it is quite common for one of the GPS modules to deviate with errors during flight. The programming logic currently switches between the two GPS modules based on the lock status and number of satellites.

Piloting with an On Screen Display (OSD) has always been an advantage when flying long distance; this brings us to the second major enhancement to this quadcopter, a pilot's HUD.  The OSD will display various critical flight information on your LCD screen, goggle, monitors or even flat screen TV with a video receiver.  In terms of safety and smart piloting, the OSD will communicate the health of the UAV, feeding you the number of satellites, sending warning messages, calculating battery consumption and helping you fly by compass manually, in the event GPS is an issue.  Best of all, you will also know which flight mode you are in, if you are in control or are you in failsafe or autopilot mode.  This will help you make better in-flight decisions as a pilot.

Lastly, a move towards an integrated camera.  The x350 Premium will have a 1080p HD camera with wide-angle lens for FPV. With the base of the quadcopter free from a gimbal, we may just be able to install a drop box below (example a SAR GPS Locator Drop, or candy drop or a first-aid drop).  Walkera continues to improve on the Ground Station Controls for phone and tablet.  The Flight Controller supports most of the APM Copter flight modes.  The x350 Premium is intended to be RTF, but for the DIY hobbyist, this platform continues to serve as a great choice where you can continue to enhance the model with various new components and development from the dronecode.org projects.

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Where to: US$999 www.ucdrone.com  (just click on links will support DM)

tips couponTips: The x350 Premium uses a DATA BUS, which makes it easy to assign switches. 

If you plan to land with GPS Mode (Position 1), remember to lower your throttle to zero, switch to Manual (Position 0) 6 inches above ground, just upon touchdown.  The copter will try to find ground but may not always be perfect on not so level ground or a mole hill.  Due to extreme vibrations, during landing and hitting the ground, the copter can at times  actually thought it was flying again. The inertial system is unavailable with those vibration levels. Striking a balance in safety and intelligence, the system will not disarm in GPS modes while it thinks it is flying, a preventive measure.  The outcome, your copter will topper over while you try to land and disarm in GPS mode. The propellers could have been stopped very quickly by changing to Manual mode and disarming.  It always accepts disarm commands in Manual (Stabilize) and Acro modes.  This applies to all APM copters and not limited to the x350 premium.

Forum Discussion, setup two cameras: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=31754035&postcount=173


Specs 1. 双GPS系统给飞行提供信号保障 Dual GPS System. High performance GPS/GLONASS provides redundancy and accuracy in autopilot.
2.内置OSD,可精准计算Home Arrrw,飞行速度,飞行时间,GPS,经纬度,电池电压等功能 
HUD Technology On Screen Display showing Home Direction, Compass Rose, Flight Mode, Flight Speed, Flight Duration, GPS Coordinates, Battery Voltage and other functions
3. 实现系统故障自我检测功能,可以自我检测飞行器的接收器,GPS信号,罗盘,气压计和电池电量;
System self-diagnostic. Prearm safety checks on receiver, GPS signals , compass , barometer and battery.
Ground Station Control System. Using a mobile phone or tablet, you can change flight modes and set waypoints.
Equipped with HD wide-angle lens camera for aerial photography.
6.搭配12通道FPV遥控器DEVO F12E实时监控飞行器电池电压、高度、距离,飞行速度,飞行时间,GPS,经纬度 等参数 
First Person View (FPV) with a professional 12-channel radio, real-time telemetry monitoring aircraft battery voltage, height , distance, flight speed, flight time , GPS coordinates.
7. 飞行时间
Flight Duration: 20-25 minutes                                                                         
8. Radio Transmitter Control Range: 1km

9. Video Range: 500-800m (FCC)
Key Features 1. 360 Auto Rotation Circle Mode
2. Follow Me Mode
3. One Key to Start (Auto take off)
4. One key to go home
5. Failsafe returns and lands
预留支持G-2DG-3DG-3DH, G-3S云台,
Supports G-2D, G-3D, G-3DH,G-3S gimbal.
7. Supports Waypoint flying mode
可查看飞行器已飞行时间 Monitor Flight Time, On Screen Display for long distance piloting
Packing include Designer box/flight controller/GPS module/brushless motor/speed controller/receiver/groundstation/Devo F12E radio/HD wide-angle lens camera(1080P)/battery(8S/29.6V3000mAh lipo battery)/charger
Packing size 54.3*35.5*11.5CM/pcs                                                                   



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If you are wondering who is iUAS.  iUAS Inc located in Seattle WA, is a Walkera company that designs and manufactures advance technology products for unmanned aircraft systems since 1994...  and iUAS is run by an all female executive team. www.ucdrone.com

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