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Setup 6 Flight Modes plus 1 for APM Ardupilot

10/19/13 DIY: Using a FrSKY Taranis X9D, we have been mixing different switches and testing 7 flight modes. RTL on a one switch return home and 6 other flight modes. We have included our video logs of how we set it up. You can use any switches following our example. Since there are so many 3 position switches on a Taranis, you can spare one for a mix.

We will also included the sound files (voice) of all the flight modes in part 3 of the video series. Maybe someone will find these useful. Here are the sound files [ DOWNLOAD]. Cheers!

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Introduction to Taranis Switches and Channels

FrSky is well known for the frequency hopping ACCST technology taking advantage of the entire 2.4GHz band resulting in excellent range and reliability.  The Taranis transmitter is continuallymonitoring the reception quality at the aircraft. Taranis uses RSSI (receiver signal strength indication) incorporated into telemetry receivers. it will then alert the pilot by voice before signal quality becomes critical. This saves aircrafts or in most situation helps the pilot in making better decisions.  Review begins Oct 2013, flight test scheduled.

Selecting your Channel 7 (SF switch) Option
At some point, by default, Channel 7 was configured to save the current location as a waypoint, but Channel 7 allows you do quite a few other things as you can see from this screen capture.  It is popular as a auto trim switch, but once you are done trimming, we find it more useful for RTL  You now also have the option to assign Channel 8 to another switch.

apm channel 7

Equipment Selection Specification:

  • Full Telemetry RSSI alarms (warns you of signal reception problems before disaster can strike) 

  • Self test of the transmitter antenna

  • 16 channels (more when combined with external module)

  • 60 model memories

  • 64 mixers, 9 flight modes

  • 16 custom curves with 3-17 points each, 32 logic switches

  • Voice or custom sound alerts

  • USB and SD card slot for system expansion

  • Long range system capable of up to 3 times the range of current 2.4 systems 

  • Quad bearing gimbals that are silky smooth 

  • State-of-the-art open source software 

  • Super low latency for ultra quick response (9ms)

  • Large 212 X 64 backlit LCD screen 

  • Real-time data logging 

  • Receiver lock (program locked to aircraft - limited to FrSky receivers running PXX protocol) 

  • JR Style module bay for additional RF modules and so much more

  • Selectable flight mode (1, 2, 3, or 4)

  • 2 timers, count up or down, throttle %, talking, etc.

  • Trims - Adjustable from course to extra fine with extended and exponential trims

  • Standard trainer jack

  • ARM Cortex M3 32-bit 60MHz

  • Integrates with CompanionTX a FREE computer program that is a transmitter setup buddy. CompanionTX (Windows/Mac/Linux) is used to set-up models with the wizard, save, edit and share your models and settings as well as simulate your transmitter or model setup.

  • USB connection for firmware upgrades, sound editing, R/W to the microSD card and integrate with CompanionTX

  • Sticks and pots can be calibrated by the end user

  • Multiple language support (Radio arrives configured for English language)

  • Open source community-driven firmware, so unlike with major manufacturers if you need a special function or have good improvement suggestions just raise your voice, and don't be surprised if it's implemented a couple of days later! Visit to meet the developers




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